Volume.121 Number.4

Original article : Clinical science

Home Monitoring of Intraocular Pressure and it's Diurnal Patterns Using Icare® HOME
Mari Sakamoto, Akiyasu Kanamori, Sotaro Mori, Kaori Ueda, Yukako Inoue, Takuji Kurimoto, Yuko Yamada, Makoto Nakamura
Division of Ophthalmology, Department of Surgery, Kobe University Graduate School of Medicine

Purpose: To evaluate Icare® HOME for home monitoring of intraocular pressure (IOP) and to observe diurnal IOP patterns for a short term.
Patients and methods: Twenty six eyes of 16 patients with open angle glaucoma were included. After instruction and practice in using Icare® HOME, patients were asked to measure their IOP by themselves at home or in a sick room. Patients measured their IOP four times a day with a four hour interval between each measurement for three days. Patients repeated measurements until three successful measurements were obtained at each time. Intra-rater reliability was assessed calculating intraclass correlation coefficient (ICC) of the three measurements. Diurnal IOP patterns were assessed for three days.
Results: No adverse events occurred. ICC of three measurements was 0.76 (95% confidence coefficient; 0.71 to 0.81). The median of the difference between the highest and the lowest IOP during a day was 4.26 mmHg (95% CI; 4.06 to 4.67). Repeatable patterns were not found in diurnal IOP for three days. Three out of ten patients who answered the questionnaire after measurements found difficulties in handling the device.
Conclusions: Although Icare® HOME is safe and could be used for home monitoring of IOP, some patients had difficulties in using the instrument. Diurnal IOP patterns did not show repeatability during a short term.
Nippon Ganka Gakkai Zasshi (J Jpn Ophthalmol Soc) 121: 366-372, 2017.

Key words
Icare® HOME, Home monitoring, Self-tonometry, Diurnal variation, Glaucoma
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